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  • In the heart of Botasoho, Macuna is an experimental bar with live music performaces, a discotheque, and jazz bands, attracting a young and trendy crowd. Address: R. Fernandes Guimarães, 66, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 7pm to 12am.


  • Chef Nelson Soares` restaurant features an open kitchen, and the dining area is adorned with opened wine bottles, once consumed by customers, decorating the airy and stylized space. The menu is straighforward, in three steps, offering Italian cuisine and is the most desired in Botafogo. Address: R. Fernandes Guimarães, 77, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Open Tuesday to Saturday, from 12pm to 12am. Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.

Christ the Redeemer

The statue of Christ the Redeemer, with open arms as a symbol of peace, is located atop the Corcovado hill. Recognized as one of the wonders of the modern world.

Address: Rua Cosme Velho, 513, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Tour the hills of Urca and Sugarloaf through the cable car that connects the two mountains.

Adress: Avenida Pasteur, 520, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-240.

Santa Teresa and Escadaria Selarón

The Escadaria Selarón is an architectural work located between the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, decorated by the Chilean artist and long-time resident in Brazil, Jorge Selarón.

Address: R. Joaquim Silva, s/n, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ.


The largest Brazilian football stadium! 

Address: Rua Professor Eurico Rabelo, Rio de Janeiro.

Botanical Garden and Lage Park

The garden was founded by D. João in 1808 with the arrival of the Royal Family in Brazil.

Address: R. Jardim Botânico, 414, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, 22461-000.

Arcos da Lapa

Os Arcos da Lapa são uma obra-prima da arquitetura colonial portuguesa, conhecidos por sua impressionante arcada de 42 metros de altura. Atualmente, os arcos servem como suporte para os bondinhos que transportam pessoas até o bairro de Santa Teresa. À noite, eles se iluminam, criando uma vista espetacular que contribui para a vida noturna animada da região.

Endereço: Lapa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20031-040.

Botafogo Beach

Botafogo Beach is an urban oasis situated along a stunning bay in Rio de Janeiro. With its relaxing atmosphere and unique scenery, it provides ample space for jogging and an inviting cycle path. While exercising, you can enjoy the iconoic views of the majestic Sugarloaf Mountain, rising in the horizon.

Botafogo beach is 50 meter from Yoo2.

Flamengo Beach

The beach is approximately 2km long along Flamengo Park.

Approximately 6 km from the hotel, being a 30-minute walk along the beach or a 15-minute bike ride. 

Red Beach

A small beach with coarse, reddish sand and normally calm waters.

Located approximately 3/4 km from the Yoo2 hotel, accessible by car (10 minutes) or bike (15 minutes).

Copacabana Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the world, known for its mosaic boardwalk of black and white waves, designed by Roberto Burle Marx.

Approximately 4 km from the hotel, by car (10 minutes) or bike (20 minutes).

Arpoador Beach

Beach with beautiful scenery and an iconic sunset, highly sought after for surfing.

Starting from the hotel, it is a 7 km route, with an average car travel time of 20 to 25 minutes.

Urca Beach

Urca Beach is surrounded by the calm waters of Guanabara Bay, offering a breathtaking view of the rock formations and surrounding mountains.

Address: Av. João Luís Alves, Urca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Leme Beach

Leme Beach is known for being quieter and less crowded than Copacabana. A popular option for locals seeking a relaxing spot to sunbathe, swim, and engage in water sports. The atmosphere is generally more calm and friendly, making it enjoyable for families and those who prefer to avoid crowds.

Ipanema Beach

Voted as one of the top 25 beaches in the world.

Approximately 7 km from the hotel, with an average car travel time of 20 minutes.

Museu da República

  • The palace was the setting for various significant episodes in Brazil´s history, such as the suicide of Getúlio Vargas, and currently houses the Musem of the Republic. Address: Rua do Catete, 153, Glória, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Rio Star Ferris Wheel

The Rio Star transcends mere panoramic observation. It has become a meeting point, a venue for romantic encounters, special celebrations, and even cultural events. The wheel´s nighttime illumination, varying in colors and patterns, adds a vibrant touch to the urban landscape after sunset, further highlighting its striking presence.

Prices: R$ 80,00 ADT, CHD (04 to 11 years old) and individuals over 60, PWD (People with Disabilities) and students R$ 40,00

Museum of Tomorrow

In the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where the past meets the future, lies the Museum of Tomorrow. More than just an impressive building, the museum is an interactive and visionary space that explores the intersections between science, technology, culture, and sustainability, inviting visitors to reflect on the present and imagine possible futures.

Prices and hours:
R$30 - Full Price.
R$15 - Half-Price.
Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

Ilha fiscal

Located in the Guanabara Bay, Ilha Fiscal is a historically and culturally significant point in Rio de Janeiro. Its name derives from the fact that the island served as a fiscal control point during the 19th century, where vessels entering and leaving the city´s port were registered.

The most prominent feature of Ilha Fiscal is the Imperial Palace of Ilha Fiscal, an architectural masterpiece that combines neogothic and Moorish elements.

Prices and hours:
R$ 50,00.
Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:45pm to 3:30pm.


AquaRio is a public acquarium located in Porto Maravilha, a revitalized area in the port region of Rio de Janeiro. AquaRio is the largest marine aquarium in South America and has become a popular attraction for both locals and visitors, offering a unique opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the oceans.

Prices and hours:

R$ 110,00 Adults and R$ 55 - Individuals aged 3 to 21 years, ID Jovem, individuals over 60 years, students, PWD, and companion of PWD upon verification.

Weekdays: 9am to 5pm, last entry at 4pm.

Weekends and Holidays: 9am to 6pm, last entry at 5pm.

Botafogo Praia Shopping

Imagine a place with a diverse mix of shopping, dining, and services. Add a breathtaking view of the city´s most beautiful postcard, along with charm and convenience. This is Botafogo Praia Shopping, which has been enchanting locals and tourists arriving in Botafogo, one of the city´s most traditional neighborhoods, for 20 years.

Its location is privileged. In addition to being 5 minutes from Botafogo Metro Station and only 15 minutes from Santos Dumont Airport, the shopping center is in front of Sugarloaf Mountain, one of the city´s main tourist attractions. 

The shopping center has a complete mix catering to a qualified audience, including executives and professionals from nearby companies, as well as families and residents of the region.

Shopping Rio Sul

With a privileged location in Botafogo, in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, it offers views of landmarks such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado. It features a diverse mix of stores spread across four floors, including a home center with over 26 decoration shops, two food courts, and a terrace with space for events, restaurants, and a Body Tech gym.

In the `Brands of Cariocas´ survey (commissioned by O Globo newspaper to Grupo Troiano de Branding), RIOSUL was elected as one of the five main shopping centers that reside in the hearts of those living in Rio de Janeiro.

Floresta da Tijuca

  • The Floresta da Tijuca, located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, is a natural treasure that provides residents and visitors the opportunity to escape the city´s fast pace and connect with the lush tropical biodiversity. Considered the largest urban forest in the world, the Floresta da Tijuca is an environmental conservation area that features trails, waterfalls, viewpoints, and a rich variety of fauna and flora.

Praia | Posto 09

  • The scenery at Posto 9 Beach is truly spectacular. With the Dois Irmãos Mountain as a backdrop and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean kissing the sand, the landscape is a combination of natural beauty and a vibrant atmosphere. The beach is wide and extensive, providing ample space for walking, running, playing beach sports, or simply relaxing and sunbathing.