Known for its contagious energy and stunning landscapes, Rio de Janeiro deserves to be at the top of your list of incredible destinations to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, enjoy local culture and toast to the future alongside people from different parts of the world who also chose Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro to welcome the new year.

Reasons to enjoy New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro:

Beautiful landscapes

Rio de Janeiro offers stunning views, especially Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, which light up during New Year's Eve and attract tourists from all over the world.


The beaches of Rio de Janeiro become the stage for a great fireworks display that colors the sky and radiates a lot of energy.

Live shows

A variety of live shows on stages set up along the waterfront, with national and international artists.


Of all styles, Rio de Janeiro offers street and private party options that only end at sunrise.

Stunning beaches

The white sands of Rio's beaches are the meeting point for people from different parts of the world who choose to spend New Year's Eve in the wonderful city.

Tropical weather

New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro takes place in the middle of the Brazilian summer with pleasant temperatures and a refreshing sea breeze blowing.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience magical moments and start the new year in style. Join us at Hotel Yoo2 Rio for an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

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Staying at the Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro hotel is immersing yourself in a magical experience that combines the Rio lifestyle and stunning views of the wonderful city. Located on Botafogo beach, the hotel enchants guests with its design inspired by the vibrant energy of Rio. Admire the Sugarloaf Mountain from your room window, admire Christ the Redeemer while trying The Rooftop's selection of signature drinks, explore nearby attractions These are some of the experiences that make your visit to the Yoo2 Rio hotel a mandatory stop.


Every ray of sunlight that says goodbye reminds us that all endings are also new beginnings. On the rooftop, contemplating Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, we are inspired to dream big, to embrace life with passion and to never lose sight of the horizon, where new challenges and opportunities await us. May the last sunset of 2023 make room for an incredible new year.
Exclusive for guests.

The last sunset opening hours: From 5pm to 7pm.


The sun sets, the lights come on, the music increases and the Rooftop enters the festive atmosphere of New Year's Eve. Let's toast to the magic of the night, the promise of tomorrow and the beauty of this journey that is life.
This New Year, at The Rooftop Hotel Yoo2 Rio, let us celebrate not just the turning of a calendar, but the turning of our hearts.
DJ & Open Bar&Food.
Tickets on sale (1st Lot)
Rooftop Party opening hours: From 9pm to 1am.

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Bossa N' Sugar

The Rio bossa printed on design pieces that, combined with the original YOO Bed and the YOO Tree, give more life to this apartment. Only those who experience it will know how to describe the extraordinary feeling it is to say ‘good night’ to Christ the Redeemer before going to sleep and the next day to wake up to the brightness of the sun reflecting over Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay.

Sugar Room

The burnt concrete walls come to life when you open the window and see the Sugar Loaf Mountain right in front of you. The history of Rio de Janeiro is painstakingly translated through details such as the headboard decorated with handmade parquet and hydraulic tiles manufactured for Yoo2.

Corcovado Room

Waking up and saying good morning to Christ the Redeemer is a privilege reserved for those who choose the Corcovado Apartment. The largest postcard of Rio de Janeiro served as inspiration for the YOO Studio design team to bring back the Rio spirit in details such as the hydraulic tile floor and the exclusive furniture with an allusion to urban art.

Yoo2 Plus

Here, every day starts in a surprising way, after all, the room reflects urban art and other Rio inspirations such as the hydraulic tiles on the floor and palm trees on the ceiling. Added to this is an incredible side view of Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay in a space with a bold and original design.


Ideal accommodation to explore Rio in a #cariocally way and have access to all the vibrant atmosphere that Yoo2 Rio offers. The Carioca personality of the décor provides a typical Rio de Janeiro scene, from the influence of the fabulous hydraulic tiles to the illustration of palm trees on the ceiling.

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